Divorce With Respect

Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative Family Law and Collaborative Negotiation

What Is Collaborative Negotiation?
What Are The Advantages Of Collaborative Negotiation?
What Is The Process Of Collaborative Negotiation?
What Are The Benefits Of Collaborative Negotiation?


What are some tax consequences that should be considered in a divorce?(article written for the California Society of CPAs by Beverly Brautigam, CPA/PFS – www.divorcetaxcpa.com)
What is Spousal Fiduciary Duties?
What Am I Entitled To In A Divorce?
Do I Qualify For Summary Dissolution?
Divorce Estate Plan Review

Divorce Mediation

What Is Divorce Mediation?
What Is The Process Of Divorce Mediation?
What if we try divorce mediation and it doesn’t work out? Do we have to go to court, or are there other options?

Custody and Visitation

How Are Custody And Visitation Determined?
What is a Minor’s Counsel?

Child Support

How Much Will I Owe/Be Owed in Child Support?
How Is Child Support Determined?

Legal Separation and Annulments

What Is A Nullity?
What Is A Legal Separation?

Modification Orders

What Is A Modification?

Out of State Custody

What Is Out Of State Custody?


What Are My Rights As An Unmarried Parent?
How Is Parentage Determined?

Premarital or Prenuptial Agreements

What Is A Premarital Agreement?
What Are The Advantages Of A Premarital Agreement?
Do I Need A Premarital Agreement?
Should I Enter Into A Premarital Agreement?

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