Divorce With Respect

Skilled Collaborative Law Representation

Going through a divorce or other legal issue does not mean that you have to take your matter to court. In some cases, it is possible to work together with the other side in your case to resolve your legal situation. By pursuing a collaborative divorce, everyone can save time, money and energy, as they’re taking more control of their situation to settle things on their terms.

At Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, we recognize that some divorces require aggressive litigation in order to protect our clients’ interests – whether they are assets, business investments or, most importantly, child custody rights. Pursuing a collaborative option gives everyone the opportunity to gain an outcome they can be satisfied with, and we can help you seek those results.

Collaborative Vs. Contested Divorce

Before you commit to a contested divorce, you should understand the options you have available to you. In a contested divorce, you and your spouse will present your cases before a judge, who will make decisions based on the facts that they received, and you both will have to adapt your lives to someone else’s decision.

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse, along with your collaborative divorce lawyers, will work together to reach an agreeable common ground on the areas of your divorce and increase the chances of reaching a favorable outcome along the way. Because you are not on a judge’s schedule, you can also set meetings and other events in your divorce process that suit your schedule, avoiding lengthy waiting periods. This way, a collaborative divorce can help you decide the means to how you resolve your divorce and the conditions concerning it.

Collaborative divorces are also different from mediation. In mediation, only one mediator works with a divorcing couple to resolve things. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse has an attorney who helps protect their best interests. These lawyers can also call on the assistance of financial or custody experts, therapists, or even mediators to help with the divorce process.

What Sets Us Apart

In many situations, we can approach divorce in a greater spirit of cooperation and compromise. We are mediation lawyers who know that maintaining positive long-term family relations is of primary importance for many individuals, especially those with children. Many are also eager to move on from their marriages with as little acrimony as possible, allowing them to begin the next stage of their lives.

Our collaborative divorce firm has emerged as being one of the leading family law firms in Sacramento in the area of collaborative law and divorce mediation. We are unmatched in being attuned to the specific needs of our clients and staying at the forefront of family law developments. These attributes have allowed us to develop a comprehensive, collaborative law practice designed to help our clients navigate a divorce successfully and with as little disagreement or long-term difficulty as possible.

How We Help Our Clients

In a collaborative divorce, we will work directly with your spouse and their counsel to negotiate agreements regarding property division, alimony and child-related issues. Where appropriate, we bring in experts such as child therapists, divorce counselors and financial advisers to help you reach a consensus on potentially sensitive issues. Once agreements have been reached on all concerns, the finalization of a divorce requires a court only to approve any necessary orders. Our clients emerge from the process knowing that important rights have been protected without the time, expense and emotional investment required of protracted litigation – and without unfavorable orders being imposed on them by a court.

The California family law attorneys of Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP have decades of family law experience, and have found collaborative divorce an extremely successful appropriate alternative divorce process for many clients. Resolving differences without court litigation can help you start over without so much of the bitterness that comes from a more adversary process. It can be easier to live with a divorce settlement that you negotiated respectfully, rather than having one imposed by court order.


Settle Your Divorce On Your Terms

Everyone has the potential to benefit from a collaborative divorce, and we believe that individuals facing a divorce or separation should have the information necessary to make smart legal decisions. We are Sacramento collaborative law attorneys who will help you use collaborative law to your advantage in your divorce proceeding. Arrange a confidential consultation by calling 916-603-2913 or send us an email.