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Sacramento Post-Divorce Judgment Order Enforcement Lawyers

Even when an individual has been awarded a specific amount of spousal support following divorce — or a parent has been awarded specific custody or child support rights — it can be difficult to know how to assert those rights when the other party becomes uncooperative.

Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP helps individuals who are seeking to enforce a court order regarding parenting time, child support or spousal support. We can also represent those who, due to legitimate circumstances, may have difficulty making support payments. We understand that these situations can take a significant toll on all parties involved, and we are committed to helping resolve these disputes in our clients’ favor and, whenever possible, amicably.

Speak with a lawyer as soon as you suspect that a court order will not be complied with; we can determine your options to enforce an order or, alternatively, seek a modification. Call 916-603-2913.

California Attorneys For Post-Divorce Order Enforcements

When a court finalizes an order regarding parenting time, child support or spousal support, it is making an enforceable order that binds the parties to particular actions.

Failure to comply with court orders can have serious consequences. When support payments are at issue, a court can order wage garnishments (if they have not already been in place) or other actions to seize assets of the payer. If a court finds an individual “in contempt” for failing to comply with its orders, potential penalties can even include jail time.

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