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There are certain situations in which a court may consider a request from a party to modify an existing spousal support or child support order. Because the interests of both parties are affected — and in the case of child support modifications, the well-being of children as well — courts will carefully weigh several factors when considering whether to grant a party’s request.

Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP represents either side to these often contentious proceedings. While we strive to minimize conflict in these situations — especially when children are involved — we are always mindful of our obligation to be zealous advocates for our clients. We ensure that courts have the information necessary to make informed decisions about important spousal and child support orders, and whenever possible help our clients prevail.

California Alimony Modifications Attorneys

Either party may ask a court to increase or decrease spousal support payments, or to terminate support entirely. The party asking for the change has the burden of proving that there has been a change in circumstances that warrants such a modification. Circumstances that may warrant a change to or termination of spousal support include:

  • A recent job loss or wage cut of the payer
  • A raise or new, higher-income job for the recipient

Passage of time alone is not sufficient to show a change in circumstances.

California Child Support Modifications Attorneys

Parents may ask a court to either increase or decrease child support payments. This often happens when there has been a change in the economic status of a party. Common changes in circumstances include:

  • A recent job loss or wage cut of the payer
  • A recent pay raise for the recipient
  • An award or termination of other benefits
  • A substantial change in the parenting time

In child support modification cases, both parents must submit a current Income and Expense Declaration.

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