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Apart from issues of child custody, child support is often the subject of greatest disagreement between couples with children who are going through a divorce.

Although California uses a child support formula to determine the amount of support payments that a parent will be required to pay, there are factors that can significantly impact the final results of the math. With two Certified Family Law Specialists and more than 125 years of combined experience among our firm’s lawyers, Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP offers superior counsel to individuals in Sacramento with questions about child support obligations or any other aspect of a divorce or legal separation. We provide clarity to these often confusing issues and ensure that our clients are treated fairly when a court makes determinations regarding their rights and obligations.

California Child Support Attorneys

In most cases, child support obligations will be calculated based on three main criteria:

  • The incomes of both parents
  • Which parent has primary physical custody
  • How much time the noncustodial parent will be spending with the children

Other factors, such as child support payments made for children from a previous marriage, can impact how support is calculated during a divorce.

Beyond initial determinations of child support, many parents have questions about how to modify a child support order, or how to seek enforcement of an order from a parent who is unwilling or unable to pay. We offer legal guidance to clients on both sides of these delicate issues to help them do what is best for their children while simultaneously protecting their rights.

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