Divorce With Respect

Sacramento Divorce Mediation Services

When spouses contemplating divorce are willing and able to sit down and rationally discuss important issues, mediation can be a powerful tool to avoid the time, expense and acrimony that are sometimes inevitable in divorce litigation.

The family law attorneys of Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP believe that positioning our clients for the next stage of their lives is as important as navigating difficult divorce-related legal disputes. In our more than 125 years of combined experience, we have learned that how individuals approach divorce proceedings often determines how family relationships will be shaped going forward. While mediation will not be appropriate in every case, where there is a spirit of cooperation between spouses, we encourage them to consider this approach.

California Family Law Mediation Lawyers

Our firm’s attorneys are fully equipped to both serve as separate representation for individuals working with a divorce mediator and function as a neutral mediator for spouses who already have separate counsel.

During mediation proceedings, spouses will discuss and attempt to reach consensus on pressing issues related to:

By using mediation, individuals find that they can retain greater control over the ultimate resolution of these important matters and avoid situations where a court imposes its will on the parties through court orders. The combination of compromise, time savings, and frequent financial savings means clients are better positioned for their post-divorce lives.

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