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Mediating your divorce? Don’t walk in unprepared

You and your ex have decided to keep your divorce out of the California courts. Instead, you’ve selected mediation as a positive alternative – and it’s no surprise why. There are many benefits of mediating a divorce and many divorcees prefer it over litigation.

With your mediation session rapidly approaching, you may have anxieties about the uncertainties surrounding it. Rest assured, however, you can put your fears aside by arriving at the meeting being well prepared.

3 ways to protect yourself if you are divorcing a narcissist

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is untangling yourself and your life from someone who may know you better than anyone else. This person knows your vulnerabilities as well as the buttons to push to make you respond certain ways

However, knowing this much about a soon-to-be ex can also be valuable. For instance, if you are divorcing a narcissist, you can use what you know about his or her personality to prepare and protect yourself for the road ahead.

Tips for stepping up to the plate as a stepparent

Transitioning into the role of a stepparent can be like jumping head first into an ocean of the unknown.

You are sure to encounter many challenges as you and your spouse work together to co-parent your children under the same roof. While there is no “right” way to make the adjustment, these tips can help you to make the blended family a success.

How long you spend driving to work could affect your marriage.

You’ve had the same job for the last decade. You’ve received slight promotions over the years, but there’s been no real opportunity for growth. However, you’ve just been offered a new position at a company 30 miles away. The pay is higher than at your current job, but the commute is significantly worse. You’re torn about what to do.

While the prospect of sitting in traffic doesn’t appeal to most of us, we probably don’t consider all of the implications of accepting a job with a long commute. Specifically, we don’t think about how a long commute could influence our marriage.

What makes the divorce process so long?

While considering a divorce, you likely consulted friends and family members about their experiences. One question you may ask them is, "how long does it take?"

Unfortunately, like many legal proceedings, divorces may not be resolved as quickly as you would think. It is not uncommon for a divorce to take 18 months (from filing to final resolution) to resolve. This may be quite frustrating when you want to make plans to move on with life. This post will identify a few things that may prolong a divorce.

Tips for using social media wisely during a divorce

During a difficult time like a divorce, people often utilize social media to find support, acceptance and a distraction from the complexities of their offline lives.

However, using social media could work against you if you misuse it or if you do or say things online that adversely affect the legal process. Below, we examine a few tips for how divorcing spouses should use social media wisely.

Avoiding financial mistakes in divorces

While divorce can provide a fresh new start, there is no denying it has its difficulties. For one, it often leads to challenging changes, including financial. Given this, when going through a divorce, you generally want to avoid anything that could create additional, unnecessary, financial pain.

One thing creating such pain is making mistakes when it comes to financial matters in your divorce, such as property division and spousal support. What can help with staying clear of missteps? Here are some tips you may want to consider when heading into divorce:

How to celebrate Father's Day despite a divorce

Father's Day is just around the corner. It is a day dedicated to dads. It is a day in which we take time out of our busy lives to reflect on the sacrifices they make for us, celebrate the contributions they make in our lives and honor who they are.

The sting of a divorce can make you want to ignore this holiday. Emotions of betrayal, resentment, anger or disappointment are not easy to put aside, even for a day. Of course, it wouldn't be parenthood if "doing what's best for them" didn't require putting your children's needs above your own feelings from time to time.

Married millenials not likely to have joint bank accounts

There are a number of superlatives that can describe last weekend's royal wedding: romantic, picturesque, regal and symbolic. The last is appropriate given the many deviations from tradition. For instance, the bride's future father-in-law walked her down the aisle instead of her own father. An American bishop gave a sermon in a very "American" way. Also, a gospel choir sung a classic R&B song.

These changes to tradition are examples of some of the different approaches to marriage millennials are taking. Another popular break involves money. More millennials are using separate bank accounts even as they tie the knot.

How to save money when getting divorced

If you are contemplating a divorce and are unsure of it because of the potential costs, you are likely not alone. With all the money that goes into planning and having a wedding, no one ever thinks about the costs of getting out of a marriage. Nevertheless, the costs are there.

Instead of paying for a lavish reception with ice sculptures and three course meals, you are likely going to pay for deposition costs, property and investment appraisals and custody evaluators. However, not every divorce has to rival the costs of a huge wedding. There are a number of ways to avoid these costs, and this post will highlight a few.

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