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Factors that will affect spousal support in California

Life after divorce can be difficult to imagine. Some people are hopeful at the idea of a new chapter, others are scared at the thought of starting over. But regardless of what you think post-divorce life might look like, you should feel confident that you have the resources to move forward. This means getting a fair settlement, which may include spousal support.

Spousal support is money paid from one person to another after a divorce. It is in place to help a financially disadvantaged spouse make the transition out of a marriage a little easier. As such, it can be helpful to know which factors will affect whether a person receives this support.

Understanding the collaborative divorce process

When parents divorce, they rarely cut ties completely. They often work together to raise their children, which means that they may be communicating with each other, making decisions together and showing up at the same events for their child for decades to come.

With this in mind, it can be of benefit to parents to consider peacefully ending their romantic relationship to preserve the parenting relationship. One option for doing this is to seek a collaborative divorce.

Building a solid team for a collaborative divorce

Getting divorced is not as easy as getting married. There are financial, parental and personal details to resolve in accordance with state laws, not to mention the emotional challenges of ending a marriage. This can all prove to be overwhelming.

Understand, though, that you do not have to resolve these matters alone, particularly if you pursue a collaborative divorce in California. In these cases, you can have a team behind you helping you pursue a fair outcome.

What does a pet custody arrangement look like?

If you are getting divorced, you probably realize that you will have to divide your assets as well as time with your children. However, you might also decide to divide something else: custody of your pet.

Increasingly, pets are becoming a point of contention in California divorces. People fight over them in the same way they fight over children. If you have a pet that you expect to be an issue in your divorce, it can be helpful to understand how you might handle this matter.

Thinking of divorce? Why your friend might be to blame

Often, there is not just one thing or one event that leads someone to file for divorce. However, there may be one final straw or indication that the relationship is beyond repair.

For instance, one report suggests that a friend’s divorce could be that event that triggers another person’s divorce.

Digging into pet custody: who gets the dog in a divorce?

Relinquishing the beloved family pet in a divorce tends to be a sore and contentious subject. Neither person wants to give up a member of the family, but parting ways come with sacrifices. Unfortunately, California courts treat animals as property and the idea of selling the pet and splitting the cash can be nauseating.

How do you and your ex decide who gets the furry friend? Ask yourself these things before making any pet custody decisions.

4 mistakes that could make a prenuptial agreement invalid

Imagine you are buying a new car. You find the one you love, put down a down payment, and sign the paperwork. But when the time comes to drive it off the lot, you learn that a mistake was made and you actually bought a different, more expensive car.

This can be a similar experience to having an invalid prenuptial agreement. While you might think you are taking the right steps to protect yourself and get what you want, you could wind up making mistakes that make the agreement unenforceable, leaving you exposed to unfortunate – and costly – outcomes. To avoid this, it is important to avoid the following common mistakes that make a prenuptial agreement invalid.

Divorce challenges at every age

Ending a marriage is difficult no matter how old you are or how long you have been married. That said, people can face different challenges depending on where they are in life when they divorce.

In this post, we will examine some general ideas of what people might expect during a California divorce based on their age.

I pay child support: Do I have any control over how it's spent?

If you are a parent paying child support, you likely want to know that your financial contributions - however large or small they may be - are actually supporting the needs of your child.

Unfortunately, you likely will not receive any sort of accounting or receipt that shows what the money pays for. In California child support is for basic food, shelter and clothing.

Can details about a wedding predict divorce?

Couples often spend months planning out the details of their wedding. It is not unusual for a couple to schedule their wedding a year in advance. And when all is said and done, couples typically hope their wedding is a reflection of their relationship and a joyful way to start the next chapter of their lives together. 

However, some studies suggest that there are details about a wedding that paint a different picture. There are some elements that could predict that a union will end in divorce.

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