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Millennials have their own way of doing things

The generation gap may be widening between Millennials and the rest of the world. They already have their own sense of importance in the workplace (and take on working), they hold strong to their own mode of communication (text messaging) and have developed their own rules regarding sexual norms.

Not only are their relationships inherently different, their view of developing traditional families are as well. In addition to living together before marriage, more Millennials are buying homes together before tying the knot. This strategy may be blasphemous to older generations (especially baby boomers) but it represents a growing trend as people are waiting longer to get married.

Anti-vax movement sparks debate over child's best interests

Here's a complicated one for you: Is choosing not to vaccinate your child in their best interests? And no, we're not talking about parenting decisions like whether to let a child have ice cream after 8:00 p.m. We're talking about the court's definition of "child's best interests," which is a powerful phrase in family law, especially when it comes to child custody decisions.

The reason we raise this question is because of a news story out of Michigan in which a 40-year-old mother was jailed after refusing to vaccinate her child. According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, the child's father, who has shared custody of the child, wants his child vaccinated while his ex-wife, the 40-year-old mother, does not. Their situation has raised an interesting question for a judge to consider: What is truly in the best interests of the child?

3 reasons to consider a collaborative divorce

A "collaborative divorce" sounds like an oxymoron. You are ending a marriage, how can it be collaborative? Isn't your spouse now the enemy? The answer: they don't have to be.

You were a team throughout your marriage, so consider working as a team through the divorce process. Collaborative divorce can be less adversarial, and set you up for a positive relationship post-divorce. How can collaborative divorce benefit both of you emotionally and financially?

3 collaborative divorce myths debunked

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you can become emotionally overwhelmed. You have the children to think about. Life as you know it will change. The two of you will disassemble everything you have, and make new plans to move forward. How you decide to divorce could make all the difference. Collaborative divorce is often quicker, less stressful, and creates more positive relationships in the future than traditional divorce.

Is that not what you've heard? There are some common myths about collaborative divorce, and it's time to debunk those myths.

The rising trend of grey divorce and what it means

Americans are now living longer than ever, thanks to advances in medicine and health care. However, while increased life spans are largely positive, they can create challenges in other areas, including how to stretch retirement savings over a longer period. But now, attorneys and financial planners are seeing a new, growing trend: grey divorces.

A grey divorce is when a couple over 50 years old decides to end the marriage. In previous years, most people would divorce between the ages of 40 and 50, right as kids were leaving the house for college and other ventures. But now, as kids linger longer in the house and people regularly live until 80 and 90, more and more couples are separating after the age of 50. And with that change come new challenges.

These 5 steps can help with post-divorce financial recovery

We've all heard it said that people often struggle financially for months or even years after divorce. For some, this is because it can be hard to find work or simply manage paying bills on a single income. It's this fear of financial ruin that can make even the most unhappy of spouses hesitate to ask for a divorce.

Divorce doesn't always have to end this way, however. There are plenty of proactive steps spouses can take right now to ensure post-divorce financial recovery. In this post, we'll look at just five of the many steps that spouses can take before filing for divorce:

Questions to ask before you date during a divorce

Whether or not one should date during divorce proceedings is definitely a question of scruples. A person may do so to recover some measure of revenge against their soon-to-be ex-spouse, or it may be step in maintaining one's self-esteem and sense of desirability. Regardless of the reasons, dating or even having an intimate relationship during a divorce could have unintended consequences, especially where children are involved.

As such, this post will highlight a few questions divorcing parents may want to ask themselves before delving into any new relationship.

Options for resolving parenting time disputes on Halloween

If you wonder why Halloween is likely a child's favorite day of the year (with Christmas being a close second), consider this: dressing up as someone (or something) else leads to people giving you candy. What kid would not want to take part in that?

Depending on your relationship with your ex, Halloween can be complicated for you and the children involved. Most parents want to have the experience of taking their kids out Trick-or-Treating, but it may be logistically (or emotionally) challenging given their feelings about each other.

2 major family law issues Millennials may have to contend with

It seems like nowadays, the millennial generation gets blamed for just about everything. Too many adult children living at home with their parents? Blame it on Millennials. The large unemployment rate? Blame it on Millennials. The slump in the economy? Blame it on Millennials.

While most Millennials are annoyed by this blame game, there are three possible issues -- specifically related to family law -- that actually could arise because of the millennial culture. 

How stepdads can help build relationships with kids

For a man, winning the heart of a woman requires a certain sense of style, chivalry and charm. To win the hearts of her children, it arguably takes an entirely different set of skills, including kindness, resourcefulness and patience.

Blended families are becoming more common as parents find love after divorce and opt to join their respective families. While it may seem simple, joining families is not so easy, especially for stepdads. They may be caught in a netherworld between being an authority figure and just their parent's love interest. When this happens, men can feel out of place or run the risk of upsetting the previous family dynamic.

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