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Two sides to every request to modify spousal support

Spousal support has the potential to be a divisive issue during divorce. And things don't necessarily get easier after these decisions have been made.

At some point, one person may request a modification of support. This can spark or reignite a dispute that reveals how differently two parties see their situations and why these cases can be so complicated.

Fathers: Why legal support is crucial during custody battles

Every parent faces challenges when confronted with child custody issues. However, fathers can feel especially disadvantaged in these matters for many reasons.

The fact is that the family legal system is complicated and there are elements that are outdated. Often, men feel misrepresented or unfairly penalized in custody cases, which can lead to unfavorable outcomes and devastating consequences for fathers. With this in mind, fathers who are confronting child custody matters may want to seriously consider their right to work an attorney who can help in a few critical ways.

If co-parenting is not an option, consider parallel parenting

These days, it doesn't seem that unusual to see divorced parents working together amicably to rear their children. We might see these parents chatting at a child's soccer game, meeting with teachers together or even spending time together on a family vacation.

While this may seem like an ideal situation, it simply is not realistic for many parents. But rather than assume you must be partners to parent successfully, you should familiarize yourself with the parallel parenting approach.

Want to keep your home after divorce? Know about refinancing

The marital home is typically the single largest and most expensive asset people battle over during a divorce. This means that it is often at the root of the more significant financial and legal discussions.

Even if you agree that you will keep the house, there can still be issues that arise. For instance, you will likely want to refinance the mortgage. Doing this takes your ex's name off the mortgage, giving you complete financial responsibility for owning the home. Though if you plan to do this after a California divorce, there are some things you should understand.

California passes law affecting pet parents who divorce

In previous posts, we have discussed the challenges that pet owners face when they divorce and must decide what happens to the pet. These challenges stem from the law that currently sees pets as property, which means the courts have treated animals less like members of the family and more like a piece of furniture.

However, that is changing in 2019, thanks to a new law recently passed in California. The new law requires courts to assign custody of a pet in cases where one or both parties to the divorce makes such a request.

Why is the divorce rate dropping?

Millennials. Depending on who you talk to, you might hear that millennials are innovative and advocates for setting your own course in life, or you might hear that they rude and antisocial. One thing that's for sure, though, is that millennials drive change and set -- or destroy -- trends regularly.

One such trend that millennials are supposedly "killing" is divorce. According to recent research, millennials are largely responsible for the 18 percent decrease in divorces between 2008 and 2016.

3 must-have qualities for divorce mediators

In cases where soon-to-be ex-spouses are on relatively good terms, mediation provides many benefits over a traditional divorce. If you and your ex decide to enlist the assistance of a mediator to help you settle divorce-related matters, it’s important that you both feel comfortable and confident in his or her ability to help you resolve issues related to matters including your finances, child custody and visitation schedules.

In addition to learning more about a mediator’s professional training and background, a mediator should also possess the following traits and attributes:

How mediation can benefit children during the holidays

Halloween kicked off a holiday season that is sure to be busy. Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah and Christmas are stressful for all families, but they take a particularly difficult toll on families that are splitting up because of divorce.

If you are a parent who is preparing for a divorce, you no doubt want to do everything possible to protect your children’s wellbeing. The method of divorce you choose will have a major impact on your children. It will also affect their upcoming holiday season.

Why your children will thank you for choosing collaboration

Your marriage is over. After years of trying to make it work, you and your spouse made the heartbreaking decision to divorce. Despite this decision, you still love and respect each other. You are also committed to co-parenting and doing whatever is necessary to minimize the harmful effects that divorce may inflict upon your young children.

As you contemplate divorce, the idea of going to court and having a judge make decisions that will affect your family for years to come is terrifying. You and your spouse decide that a collaborative divorce is an attractive alternative to the traditional divorce process. Your decision is largely driven by your children and your commitment to avoiding the conflict and disputes that you know often come with divorce.

Is a bad habit or addiction pushing you toward divorce?

No one is perfect; every person has flaws, bad habits or addictions that they can't or don't want to change. And while these are personal issues every individual must manage on their own, they can potentially have a great impact on loved ones.

In some cases, they can even affect a person's marriage. Recently, a study out of the UK found that about 5 percent of divorce petitions filed on one website in the last year blamed the divorce on an addictive video game called Fortnite.

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