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Sacramento Business Valuations Lawyers

Because California is a community property state, having a complete and accurate portrait of your finances is especially vital going into divorce proceedings. Proper valuations of businesses and other financial interests can play a significant role in how you emerge financially following a divorce.

As one of the pre-eminent family law firms in Sacramento, Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, offers an extensive range of services to business executives and other professionals in the region with complex property division needs. Our clients rely on — and benefit from — our lawyers’ keen legal instincts and well-developed experience handling complex divorce cases to help them retain as much of their wealth as possible.

Experienced Counsel For High Net Worth Divorce In Sacramento

Our firm retains extensive contacts with business valuation experts and other financial professionals who can play a critical role in determining the value of our clients’ business interests. Whether these interests pertain to a separately owned business, a business jointly owned with a spouse or a separate business in which marital funds have been invested, we ensure that we have the information necessary to devise the best approach.

The approach we take to protect our clients’ interests will vary based on their unique circumstances. When our clients are using collaborative law or mediation to finalize a divorce, we may propose a settlement that is fair to our clients in the long term. When necessary, however, we do not hesitate to litigate in order to protect a client’s most important financial interests.

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