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October 2018 Archives

3 must-have qualities for divorce mediators

In cases where soon-to-be ex-spouses are on relatively good terms, mediation provides many benefits over a traditional divorce. If you and your ex decide to enlist the assistance of a mediator to help you settle divorce-related matters, it’s important that you both feel comfortable and confident in his or her ability to help you resolve issues related to matters including your finances, child custody and visitation schedules.

Why your children will thank you for choosing collaboration

Your marriage is over. After years of trying to make it work, you and your spouse made the heartbreaking decision to divorce. Despite this decision, you still love and respect each other. You are also committed to co-parenting and doing whatever is necessary to minimize the harmful effects that divorce may inflict upon your young children.

Working while divorcing

Even if you were the one to initiate a divorce, the process is still stressful and you’re likely to experience a range of complex and confusing feelings and emotions. From moving out of a shared home to untangling your finances, as you move through and beyond the divorce process there will likely be days that you feel overwhelmed and don’t’ want to have any responsibilities or make any decisions.

4 cathartic things to do after divorce

Once a divorce is final, people often experience a range of emotions, from relief and freedom to grief and loneliness. One thing people might do to cope with these feelings is to engage in some therapeutic or cleansing actions to help mark the start of a new chapter.

No Privacy for Divorce in CA

Throughout the divorce process, parties often disclose sensitive information related to financial matters, marital misconduct and sometimes even criminal allegations.

Have you and your ex finalized your holiday parenting schedule?

With Halloween right around the corner, the frenzied holiday season is quickly approaching. From obligatory extended family gatherings to the added financial pressures associated with gift-giving, many parents admit to feeling more stressed than usual this time of year. However, for parents who share child custody, the holiday season can present some unique challenges.While you may no longer be expected to attend your ex’s family celebrations, your children will and it’s important to talk to and come to a consensus as quickly as possible with your ex about a holiday co-parenting schedule. Following these tips can make the process easier.   

What does a co-parenting arrangement look like?

Whether you are an unmarried parent or divorcing your child's other parent, you can expect to have a child custody plan in place. For many parents, this plan reflects joint legal and physical custody rights, unless such an arrangement is not in a child's best interest. 

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