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4 cathartic things to do after divorce

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Once a divorce is final, people often experience a range of emotions, from relief and freedom to grief and loneliness. One thing people might do to cope with these feelings is to engage in some therapeutic or cleansing actions to help mark the start of a new chapter.

Below, we look at four things people do after a divorce is final as a means of finding a release.

Getting rid of wedding attire

For instance, some women destroy their wedding dress or donate it to charity. Men might sell cuff links, suits or other items that remind them of their wedding day. Getting rid of these clothes can be cleansing – and it can mean making room in the closet for new items.

Throwing divorce parties

Some people see divorce as a reason to celebrate and mark the occasion with a party, either with their new ex or on their own. As this article describes, these so-called divorce parties give exes the opportunity to be around supportive friends and focus on the future – though, some people prefer a more destructive approach to celebrate cutting ties with a spouse. In either case, if you are in the right frame of mind, having a divorce party can turn a difficult time into one of celebration.

Deleting pictures, unfollowing on social media

Removing photos of and with an ex on your social media is a good way to reclaim your Facebook or Instagram account as something that is solely for you. You can also unfriend and unfollow your ex and change your profile names to reestablish yourself as a single person. You might even start new accounts altogether to prevent unpleasant memories from coming back into your life without warning.

Taking a trip

Getting out of town can be a good way to lift spirits and find some peace. Even if you don’t travel far or to some luxurious hotel, a trip can give you physical and emotional space you need to come down from the stress of divorce.

While life after divorce can be a difficult time of transition and recovery, these are some things you might consider that could make the process a little easier and more positive.