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How mediation can benefit children during the holidays

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Halloween kicked off a holiday season that is sure to be busy. Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah and Christmas are stressful for all families, but they take a particularly difficult toll on families that are splitting up because of divorce.

If you are a parent who is preparing for a divorce, you no doubt want to do everything possible to protect your children’s wellbeing. The method of divorce you choose will have a major impact on your children. It will also affect their upcoming holiday season.

How can mediation affect your holidays?

When you and your partner decide whether to mediate or litigate your divorce, you are also deciding how your children will remember their holidays—this year, and for years to come.

Traditional divorce trials are necessarily contentious and oppositional. However, when a couple chooses mediation, they can maintain their amicable relationship and reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. This benefits the children as well. It is far easier for co-parents to work together when they have a good relationship.

Effective co-parenting helps the holidays run smoothly and remain enjoyable for everyone. Through cooperation, you can create a parenting schedule to decide how the children will split the holidays. You can also collaborate to plan fun activities that your kids can enjoy with both households.

Consider mediation this holiday season

If you and your partner want to help your children have a light-hearted holiday season, then you may wish to consider mediation. Before you make a final decision, carefully consider the legal implications and the implications for your family’s holiday celebrations.