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April 2014 Archives

Young parents struggle to collect child support

Many Californians are familiar with the popular TV show "16 and Pregnant" on MTV. The show depicts young teens facing the very adult challenges of parenting and documents some of the struggles that parents of any age often face; one of which is collecting child support.

Heiress suing husband still required to pay him alimony

We have discussed how useful prenuptial agreements can be for any couple in California who may have assets or investments they would like to protect. Prenuptial agreements allow a couple to have an open discussion about finances and set guidelines for what will happen to individual assets in the event of a divorce.

Could your age affect your chances of divorce?

There are distinct characteristics of people born during different periods of time, many of which can affect the way in which relationships are regarded. This means that whether a person is a baby boomer or a Millennial could have a significant impact on how they view issues like marriage and divorce.

Long after a divorce, children still need support

We read about celebrity breakups and divorces in the news all the time. Every week, there seems to be another couple breaking up and the stories are full of rumors, speculations and specific details about a split. So-called experts might even weigh in. It can feel like just another news story. Then, after the divorce is finalized or people lose interest in the story, it seems to simply fade away.

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