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Long after a divorce, children still need support

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We read about celebrity breakups and divorces in the news all the time. Every week, there seems to be another couple breaking up and the stories are full of rumors, speculations and specific details about a split. So-called experts might even weigh in. It can feel like just another news story. Then, after the divorce is finalized or people lose interest in the story, it seems to simply fade away.

However, Sacramento parents who get divorced know that the story does not end there. The process of getting divorced may be temporary, but moms and dads will need to continue to parent their children long after the ink is dry on the divorce settlement. Being a parent is not a temporary job or one that ends just because a marriage ends.

Kids can have a difficult time understanding and adjusting to a divorce, and it is up to their parents to help them through this difficult time. One way that parents can protect children from being exposed to any unnecessarily upsetting situations is to make sure that they have the things they need to feel safe and happy. Parents will need to come to a financial arrangement that supports this goal and keeps both parents accountable for providing for their children.

Unlike areas of a divorce that involve one-time decisions like dividing property, co-parenting requires parents to regularly make adjustments and revisit arrangements. They must re-examine the needs of their children from time to time and evaluate whether the current arrangement benefits them or not.

Coming to a reasonable and fair child support agreement is one of the first steps parents can take toward protecting their children now and in the long-run. Even though a divorce can bitter or contentious and spouses might end up hating each other, they may want to remember that the divorce process will end. Being a parent will not. Keeping this in mind during child support discussions and negotiations can help parents focus on the big picture.

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