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Could your age affect your chances of divorce?

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There are distinct characteristics of people born during different periods of time, many of which can affect the way in which relationships are regarded. This means that whether a person is a baby boomer or a Millennial could have a significant impact on how they view issues like marriage and divorce.

For example, people who got married in the 1970s may have done so out of duty or to comply with social norms. Couples today may not be as inclined to get married because they feel they should or have to. These differing views on marriage have had a dramatic effect on the divorce rate. In fact, the divorce rate for one generation is much higher than it is for other generations. Do you know which one?

According to reports, divorce rates have nearly tripled for people between the ages of 60 and 65 over the past two decades. This may come as quite a surprise to our readers, especially considering the fact that the divorce rate among people in their 20s has actually declined.

This paints a very different picture than what many people previously thought. Until now, many people just assumed that half of divorces end in marriage, no matter how old a couple is.

However, recent studies suggest the divorce rate is much higher among older couples because many of them have already been divorced once and may get involved in less stable relationships as they get older. On the other hand, younger people are getting divorced less often. This is not because they have better relationships; it is due in part to the fact that young people prefer cohabitation to marriage. Without a marriage, there can be no divorce.

Just like there are distinct characteristics of each generation, there are also distinct characteristics of their relationships and the issues that can come up in a divorce. Older couples may have more assets and marital property than younger people, who may be more concerned about child custody and support.

It can be a big challenge to end a marriage, no matter how old spouses are. Speaking with an attorney can be a beneficial way of navigating the process and understanding what options might work best for different situations.

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