Divorce With Respect

An Experienced Legal Team For Mediation And Collaborative Divorce In Sacramento

Going to court is rarely the best avenue for resolving a divorce case. Court is stressful and costly, and it often involves numerous delays.

At Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP, we are strong proponents of collaborative divorce and mediation in Sacramento because we have seen the benefits of these approaches. Our lawyers have extensive experience with both of these processes in California. We have helped many people achieve outcomes that set them up for long-term success in life after divorce.

What Is Collaborative Divorce? What Is Mediation?

Collaborative divorce is an out-of-court process where both parties work together to craft a divorce arrangement that works for them both. In collaborative divorce, each party still has their own lawyer to help them navigate their options and ensure a rock-solid divorce agreement that accurately reflects the parties’ decisions. Collaborative divorce is ideal when both parties are on the same page about major issues such as child custody, property division, spousal support and child support.

In divorce mediation, a neutral third party helps facilitate an agreement, which might address the entire divorce or discrete parts of it. Mediation offers a way to find common ground. It’s an effective tool for resolving disagreements without having to go to court.

Why Consider Collaborative Divorce And Mediation?

Divorce touches on some of the most personal areas of life: your children, your finances, your home and your lifestyle. Nobody wants a judge – who knows nothing about you or your life – to sift through the details of your life and make important decisions for you.

Collaborative divorce and mediation put the decision-making power back in your hands. They give you a say in how you want your future to look, all while saving you significant time and money.

Work With Our Collaborative Law Team In Sacramento

Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling mediation as well as collaborative law for divorcing clients throughout the Sacramento area. We are conveniently located in East Sacramento.

To learn more about these options and whether they’re right for you, please contact our team online or call us at 916-603-2913.