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Does collecting unpaid support have to get ugly?

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After two people have made the decision to divorce, it can be easy to see every encounter as “you versus me.” People can approach every conversation or discussion as something to be won rather than resolved.

However, this dynamic can ultimately make things more difficult for every person involved because it can draw out arguments and make every situation more complicated and contentious than it needs to be. This can often be the case when and if one person fails to pay proper child or spousal support.

Instead of escalating this situation immediately and resigning yourselves to a courtroom battle after one or two missed payments, you do have options to resolve the issue more quickly and peacefully.

In some cases, discussing the situation in a calm manner can be enough to figure out what happened and how to fix it. If there was a mix-up at the bank or with the mail or if the person required to pay simply forgot, resolving the issue can be quite simple.

Even if the solution isn’t as easy as that, you can still avoid the courtroom by speaking with your attorneys and exploring options for modifications or other means of getting payments back on track.

Of course, there are some situations in which no amount of talking or collaboration will be effective and bringing a case to court is the only means of reaching a resolution. In these situations, harsh penalties can be assigned in order to enforce court orders and prompt payments.

Every situation is different and can require different approaches in order to resolve them. Rather than trying to find the answers on your own, you can work with an attorney who understands the many options available for enforcing orders for support. Our law firm has the resources and knowledge to help people resolve these family legal issues in many different ways. For information on our approach and skills, please visit our website.