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October 2015 Archives

5 things to know about collaborative divorce in California

Not all divorces need to be long, drawn-out litigious experiences, with both parties fighting it out in court over assets and time with the children. Rather, more and more spouses are turning to collaborative divorce as a way to come to agreements on everything from property division to child custody.

Should you handle your divorce like a child?

Divorce is a complicated, stressful and emotional event. There are enormously complex issues that need to be resolved, from dividing up marital assets to establishing a parenting plan, and it can be enough to push any adult beyond his or her comfort zone.

When one parent moves away, stay focused on a child's well-being

While the reasons might vary, it is quite common for people in our society to move frequently. A person might move across town in order to live in a better school district or move to another part of the country to pursue a better career opportunity. No matter the motive, if the moving party shares custody of a minor child with another parent, it can get complicated. Such cases are referred to as "move-aways" and it is crucial that all parties involved understand how a potential move-away can impact a shared parenting plan.

Remember: 'Delinquent' doesn't mean 'deadbeat'

Fathers who do not have equal custody of their children can struggle enormously in regards to being a strong and powerful presence in the lives of their children - often leading to strained relationships. In some cases, there may be no relationship at all. The situation can be even more upsetting if a father is also not keeping up with child support payments.

Don't misdiagnose your divorce

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