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September 2014 Archives

Understanding your options for an annulment in California

There are numerous areas of family law that can seem fairly easy to understand. After all, people read about divorce, child custody and property division disputes quite frequently in the news. However, hearing about a problem and experiencing that problem are two very different things.

Dealing with and dividing debt during divorce

When people think about splitting up everything during a divorce, they often immediately go to certain obvious things: a home, money, retirement savings and custody of a child. These are the assets that people most often want to protect and fight for.

Politician in messy divorce ordered to attend mediation

Divorces can be very messy; there may be no way around that for couples across California. Feelings are hurt, financial stability could be in jeopardy and dramatic changes to a family structure are often inevitable. For many people, the hopes for a peaceful, smooth and contention-free divorce are not exactly realistic.

California one of the worst states for divorce

Any person going through a divorce will likely count it as one of their most difficult life experiences. The financial, emotional and personal toll a divorce can take on anyone can be devastating. Unfortunately, the reality is that many Californians have gone or will have to go through this at some point, as estimates suggest that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce.

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