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Politician in messy divorce ordered to attend mediation

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Divorces can be very messy; there may be no way around that for couples across California. Feelings are hurt, financial stability could be in jeopardy and dramatic changes to a family structure are often inevitable. For many people, the hopes for a peaceful, smooth and contention-free divorce are not exactly realistic.

This is not to say that a reasonable and fair divorce is out of the question; it just may take some creative problem solving techniques, ongoing support and some legal intervention. In even the most bitter of divorces, there are ways to resolve issues so that two people can move forward.

For example, readers in Sacramento may be familiar with the divorce of Mark Sanford, an elected official South Carolina. News about his personal life made national headlines when he was caught having an affair. He and his wife ultimately divorced, but they are still dealing with some serious legal issues.

Recently, the former couple has been engaged in battles over parenting. Much like other aspects of their relationship, the details of the latest fights have been made public.

In this recent instance, Sanford’s ex-wife requested that a judge order Sanford to attend parenting classes and anger management counseling, calling his parenting skills into question. Sanford posted his reactions on Facebook to share with his online friends, even though he had recently requested a gag order be imposed. The two sides seemed to be set on fighting; and didn’t mind fighting in the public eye.

Instead of making a ruling on these requests, the judge ordered both of them to attend mediation. By ordering the former couple to work out their issues together though mediation, the judge is putting the potential for resolution back in their hands and is hoping they will agree and consider what is best for the children.

Resolving disputes during or after a divorce can be complicated; it’s not always as easy as compromising on a couple things or making a case in court. There can be a number of possible solutions to explore and every situation has variables that must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Couples should always consider divorce mediation or collaborative divorce before jumping into the public legal system. . But no matter what course a divorce takes, having the steady support and guidance of an attorney can provide people with a sense of confidence and stability.

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