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California one of the worst states for divorce

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Any person going through a divorce will likely count it as one of their most difficult life experiences. The financial, emotional and personal toll a divorce can take on anyone can be devastating. Unfortunately, the reality is that many Californians have gone or will have to go through this at some point, as estimates suggest that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce.

As hard as divorce already is for any person, it may be more so for people living in this state. According to a recent report, California is one of the top seven worst states to get divorced.

The high ranking stems from the logistical requirements that are in place here. Other states may have stricter separation requirements and residency restrictions, but in California, there are three factors that make it especially difficult for two people to divorce.

  • Processing time: In many counties, there is a long waiting time for documents to be processed by the court. This may take several months, even when a full agreement has been reached.
  • Post-filing requirement: After filing for divorce, couples are required to go through a “cooling off” period for six months. This time was intended to give couples one last chance to reconcile. In actuality, it is simply a waiting period until the couple will become unmarried. The six month period starts after the petition is served on the respondent (the other spouse).
  • Filing fee: The fee for filing for divorce in California is one of the highest in the U.S. and will set a person back $435. This is for each party.

There are other requirements in place for California divorces, but these are just a few that make the process particularly difficult. In order to navigate this system a little easier and avoid any unnecessary complications, it can be very beneficial to work with an attorney familiar with all the steps and challenges associated with divorce.

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