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June 2014 Archives

Report: Many couples 'like' a social media prenup

Think about the last time you checked on or updated a social media profile. If you are like many people, you have probably done this at least once today. People are more connected than ever through sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and while there are many upsides to these connections, there are also some drawbacks that can have a surprising effect on users.

NBA star discusses challenges of single parenting

People across California admire professional athletes for their talent, skill and success in games. But there are other reasons to look up to some of these athletes which may also remind us that they may not be that much different than us.

Is a life insurance policy community property in California?

One of the most contentious aspects of any divorce can be the division of property, especially when a couple is wealthy or has complex assets that must be separated. Not only can it be difficult to come to terms with splitting finances and properties, but even determining whether something is considered community or separate property can present a challenge.

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