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NBA star discusses challenges of single parenting

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People across California admire professional athletes for their talent, skill and success in games. But there are other reasons to look up to some of these athletes which may also remind us that they may not be that much different than us.

For example, NBA star Dwyane Wade has been very open in discussing his experience as a single father. Professional athletes often have a larger-than-life persona that can make it easy to assume that they have nothing or little in common with other people. However, as Wade shows us, parents from all backgrounds struggle when it comes to raising a child alone.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Wade discussed his life after being granted sole custody of his two sons that he shares with an ex-wife. It might be easy to assume that the Miami Heat star has an easy time raising his family because he has money and fame. But like many other parents who are the primary caretakers of their children, there are significant challenges.

Wade talks about the struggles of balancing family and career. The seemingly minor decision to drive his kids to school can be tough, he says, when he doesn’t get home until very late at night. With such a demanding career, there are obligations that can make it difficult to juggle it all. He has also been in ongoing battles with his ex regarding child custody.

Some of the ways that Wade finds success in single parenting is by focusing on the well-being of his sons. Showing them love and support is a top priority and he highlights the fact that parents can be their own worst problem when they focus on their issues with each other instead of raising their children.

While parents in Sacramento may not be balancing school schedules with playing in the NBA playoffs, there are challenges that single parents from all backgrounds and careers deal with. And having sole custody of a child can be challenging enough without also having to worry about the drama that can come with visitation violations, unpaid child support and other clashes that involve another parent.

In order to stay focused on raising the kids, single mothers and fathers may want to strongly consider working with an attorney to address issues between parents. Ultimately, whether you are a professional athlete or office worker, every parent needs support.

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