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Which would you rather have: social media or a spouse?

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When you got married, you were likely blissfully in love. Although your commitment and care continued beyond your vows, your relationship may have developed some challenges.

But while you might want to blame outside influences for potential stressors between you and your spouse, there is a chance your troubles stem from screen media. Perhaps you pay more attention to your screen than your spouse including use of apps that give you the ability to spy on your spouse, e-sports participation, and the desire to be “liked.”

How much time do Americans devote to screens?

Rather than spending time face-to-face with one another, engaged in conversation, Americans spend an increasing amount of time interacting with technology. On average, adults spend over 11 hours daily interacting with screen media.

Of that, phones, tablets and computers take up nearly four hours per day. You and your spouse probably both enjoy seeing your friends’ videos, laughing at ridiculous photos and following influencers. However, could your marriage fail because of social media?

Why social media could lead to divorce

After examining the amount of screen time you and your spouse dedicate to social media, you might be wise to consider whether you have a social media addiction. From there, you may want to establish some boundaries together to see if you can save your marriage.

If you do not make adjustments, social media could cause your marriage to fail due to:

  • The ease of finding someone else to connect with
  • Your public ability to overshare
  • Potential jealousy over the other’s posts
  • A loss of trust caused by misunderstanding
  • Comparing your spouse, or your relationship, to others
  • Focusing on what you can post, rather than on the memories you can create together

Rather than treating social media like something you must have, and allowing it to control your life, you might have to make a choice. Understanding the ways in which your social media accounts could affect your relationship might help you figure out a way to rebuild a healthy marriage.