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Tips for approaching social media after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Divorce, English, Firm News | 0 comments

In previous posts on this blog, we have discussed the considerable impact that social media can have on marriages and divorces.

However, social media can also play a strong role after a divorce or separation. Depending on how (and if) you utilize it, you could find that social media could make this time of transition a little easier.

Make it about you

Chances are your current social media profiles still paint a picture of your life before divorce. You may likely have years of photos with your ex and friends’ lists populated by in-laws and people you met through your former spouse.

Clearing out these elements of your marriage can help create a fresh start and put the focus of your profile back on yourself. As this article notes, this can be a necessary, but painful, process. To make it easier, consider enlisting the help of a friend or creating new accounts altogether.

Be realistic

Social media provides people the platform to present a snapshot of their lives. Often, people want it to look better, happier and easier than it really is. Keep this in mind as you navigate through sites like Facebook and Instagram after divorce. Stay off an ex’s pages; follow people who inspire you, not people of whom you are jealous; block or defriend people who are not invested in your well-being.

If the pressure and anxiety caused by the unrealistic expectations people create online proves to be too much, consider taking an extended break from these sites.

Try something new

Social media has virtually endless access to new people and experiences. Rather than focus on what you used to do online and who you used to be friends with, think about trying something new.

For instance, you might start following new pages that support a hobby you would like to take up or sign up for networking or dating sites to meet new people. Embracing the new opportunities can ultimately make a difficult transition easier and more exciting.

While none of these tips will eliminate the challenges of moving forward after divorce, they can help you avoid some common social media obstacles that make the process more difficult.