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Questions to answer before moving out after divorce

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It is inevitable that at least one person will move out of a marital home after filing for divorce. To better prepare for this event, it can be helpful to think about some important questions about this situation.

Below, we discuss three of these questions.

Who should move out?

Deciding who should move out is typically a decision based on logistics. If one person takes care of the kids, he or she will likely stay in the marital home with them. If one person wants the divorce, he or she may be the one expected to leave. If one of you travels a lot for work or spends a lot of time away, that could be the person best suited to move. If one of you will be better able to manage the financial elements of living in the home, then that may be the person to stay.

Where should you live?

When it comes to deciding where you will live, there are many considerations. First is likely the cost. What can you realistically afford? Depending on your financial resources, you might rent an apartment or stay with friends or family temporarily. Whatever you decide, make sure it is a financially responsible solution, even if it’s not ideal.

You should also think about whether a place can accommodate your children, if you expect to have temporary custody. If it cannot, you might explore scheduling options that still allow you to spend time with your children, even if they cannot spend the night with you.

What should you take?

When you move into a new place, you will likely bring things from the marital home. Of course, this includes personal effects, but you might also be thinking about furniture, dishes and other marital property.

Before you take anything like this, though, you should make a note of it and — if possible — have the other person agree to your removing it from the home. Anything you take will likely be marital property eligible for division during the divorce, so it is important to keep track.

Taking the time to consider these and other questions can help you avoid making costly mistakes in a heated moment while also making it a little easier to focus on the future.