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Fathers: Why legal support is crucial during custody battles

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Child Custody, English, Firm News | 0 comments

Every parent faces challenges when confronted with child custody issues. However, fathers can feel especially disadvantaged in these matters for many reasons.

The fact is that the family legal system is complicated and there are elements that are outdated. Often, men feel misrepresented or unfairly penalized in custody cases, which can lead to unfavorable outcomes and devastating consequences for fathers. With this in mind, fathers who are confronting child custody matters may want to seriously consider their right to work an attorney who can help in a few critical ways.

Defending fathers’ rights

Historically, courts have presumed that mothers are the more capable caregiver when parents split up. As such, mothers often receive custody. Today, this is no longer true. Both parents have equal rights. However, fathers have rights worth protecting.

Both fathers and mothers have the right to seek an appropriate co-parenting agreement that is based on more than outdated assumptions. An attorney can explain these and other rights to either fathers or mothers and take the steps necessary to be protected.

Launching a fair negotiation

Men and even women who are aggressive or passionate run the risk of looking volatile or domineering in court. However, this does not mean that one must be meek or over-accommodating when it comes to negotiating shared custody arrangements. Instead, each parent can work with an attorney who can speak and negotiate on their behalf without putting themselves — and their emotions — on trial. 

Keeping kids the priority

When marriages end, there can be a lot of bad feelings between spouses. This can lead to nasty allegations and revelations to paint the other parent as unfit or dangerous. This can be particularly harmful for men.

Again, every parent faces challenges when it comes to child custody cases in California. Each parent should be mindful of the myriad ways an attorney can help.