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What to do when telling kids about your divorce

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Divorces tend to increase in the early months of a new year. Whether parents simply start the process of finding a family law attorney or actually file papers differs, but one thing is for certain; the children must be informed.

Indeed, many divorcing couples with children will continue their relationships with their kids in some shape or form, but it is not always easy to announce that they are getting divorced.

Nevertheless, we offer a few helpful tips through this post. 

Make a joint announcement – News of this magnitude should come from both parents together. It may help dispel the feeling (or rumors) that dad or mom doesn’t love the kids or does not want to be part of the family anymore.

Reassure the kids – Children unfortunately may begin to blame themselves for the demise of their parents’ marriage. Essentially, they may feel as if they were not a distraction, the marriage would work out and the family would stay together. It is important to dispel these feelings.

Make your time worthwhile – Keep in mind that you are still a parent, even if you are not the primary custodial parent and you have left the home. After all, the kids still look at you as a parent and they may miss you.

Keep things clean – Resist the temptation to place blame on the other parent for wrecking the marriage, especially when explaining the situation to children. Kids can be emotionally scarred when one parent is seen as a villain.

If you have additional questions about how to tell kids about your divorce, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.