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How to have the right mindset in divorce

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If you are considering divorce, or are in the midst of a custody dispute, you may think that the worst is yet to come. After all, people usually don’t go into a divorce cheerfully. Because of the emotional strain that divorces and custody battles can have on a person, it is important to go into these situations with the right mindset. Not only can it be emotionally forgiving, it could also save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

With that, we offer a few helpful tips for having the right mindset. 

It’s a business transaction – It is important to remember that divorce is a legal process for dissolving the marital union, as well as a process for dividing assets. It is not an indictment of you as a spouse or a parent, no matter how much in support or parenting time the other spouse is asking for.

Fairness does not consider feelings – Since divorce is about a process, there is little room for consideration about feelings in regard to what is fair and unfair. With that, it should not be expected that your judge will be receptive to your feelings about things being fair. A judge’s job is to assess the facts and apply the law without regard to a party’s wealth, influence or status. So if you feel that you won’t be treated fairly because of your spouse’s status, it may be best to let those feelings go.

Life goes on – You still have to live your life after a divorce, even if it means having to start over. So knowing that you will have life (and a lot of it) after your split can be helpful.

The preceding is not legal advice.