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Is it easy to leave a troubled marriage?

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Getting out of a troubled marriage should be easy. After all, your feelings are pretty straight forward. You are not in love with the person anymore, and you want to continue your life without them. You should not have to endure months of unnecessary litigation to get to this place. In fact, you probably wonder why some celebrities are still in the process of divorce after being separated for so long.

Fortunately for you, the state of California allows for uncontested divorces. This post will give some basic information about the process. 

First, to complete an uncontested divorce in California, one (or both) of the spouses must qualify as a resident of the state. Essentially, one or both of the parties must have resided in the jurisdiction for at least 180 days before initiating a divorce proceeding.

If the residency requirement is satisfied, a complaint (along with the proper supporting documents) is filed with the appropriate county court. After which, the parties will have to wait 180 days before a final divorce decree is filed with the court.  Indeed, the court may approve your divorce judgment sooner than this, but California law imposes a six month waiting period before a divorce may be finalized.

While this is just a snapshot of the uncontested divorce process, not every divorce is automatic or appropriate for the uncontested process. If you have additional questions about uncontested divorces and whether it would be right for you, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.

The preceding is presented for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.