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Studies on divorce; predictors highlighted

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When couples get married, there inevitably are people who don’t believe the marriage will last. It could be due to the power dynamics in the relationship, whether the parties are children of divorce, or whether there are significant income disparities (i.e. the gold-digger presumption).

Despite people’s premonitions, there were a number of studies that highlight some important predictors of divorce. Some were well-known, others were not. Nevertheless, they provide some important insight into what may lead to a couple’s split. This post will highlight them.

A smile is worth a thousand words – The book entitled “The Tell: The Little Clues That Reveal Big Truths About Who We Are” explores how childhood pictures could predict one’s likelihood of divorce. It expounds upon a DePauw University’s 2009 study that found that people who had weak smiles in their pictures were more likely to divorce compared to those who had wide smiles in their photos.

One is the loneliest number – Another study published in December 2015, found that the fear of being single (and thus alone) may be a strong driver for people to stay in troubled relationships. Essentially, these people would rather stay in marriages with less desirable partners than start from scratch on their own.

Excessive Facebook use could lead to divorce – A study published in June 2014 found that those who obsessively check Facebook and Instagram were likely to experience social media related conflict that could lead to divorce. Researchers found that excessive social-media use could lead to people connecting with past flames, which could also lead to emotional or physical infidelity.

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