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How to help kids through a stressful time of year

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Let’s face it, divorce is not an easy transition regardless of whether it comes out of the blue or you saw it coming a mile away. Indeed, there are some who can separate their emotions and can treat it as a business transaction, but countless others may have a tough time with the changes involved. As such, the stress of the split can affect other areas of their lives.

The children of divorcing and separated couples are no different. Their concerns may be varied, but they center around how they can divide their loyalties between parents. They may also be worried about whether their friends will judge them because of the split and wonder if they will ever have a normal family life again. To make matters worse, they may also be stressed out about the beginning of a new school year.

So even with parents going their separate ways, they still have an inherent responsibility to preserve their children’s well-being. Easing their stress is a great way to do so. This post will highlight a few helpful tips as a new school year starts.

Reassure them that they are loved – Kids may themselves for their parents’ split. While you may know that they weren’t the reason, it is important for them to hear it from you.

Be an empathetic listener –School may be different from what you experienced as a child, but the pressure to fit in still exists. Being an active listener is helpful so that kids understand that they are being heard.

Play outside – Indeed, it is important for kids to get exercise, but getting out and playing with them can be much more helpful as it reinforces the connection with you that they depend on.

If you have additional questions about legal issues that may arise as school begins, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.