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Answering kids’ difficult questions about divorce

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Divorcees who have children, will inevitably have to deal with questions kids will have about what is going on. This is especially applicable to young children who are inherently curious and may feel out of place when their routines are broken on routine.

Additionally, divorce can be such a difficult concept for some kids to understand. Since mom and dad are constant fixtures in their lives, kids believe that their parents should never leave. So when the family starts to unravel, kids’ questions can be heartbreaking and difficult.

So how should a parent respond to these questions? This post will highlight a few examples. 

“Why doesn’t daddy (or mommy) love us?” – Kids may believe that the parent who leaves doesn’t want to be around them. Naturally, this is not always true, but it is important for both parents to reiterate that they love the children despite one not being around as often.

 “I just want you to be in the same home. Can’t you just get along?” – Kids are taught to apologize to people they hurt so that the healing process can begin. With that, they expect their parents to do the same.  Indeed, saying “sorry” is not always the end of the story, but parents must explain that even though they are no longer married, they will always include the kids in their lives.  

“Is it my fault?” – Unfortunately, kids tend to blame themselves for the demise of their marriage, so it is critical to reassure children that they are not the cause of a divorce.

If you have additional questions about divorce, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.