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Three important tools for moving on from divorce

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How important is forgiveness after a divorce? You may not think about it right now because of how angry, hurt and dismayed you may be, but forgiveness can be a powerful and effective antidote to the ills of divorce. As we have noted in a number of our posts, there is life beyond your divorce, and it is important to prepare for it; whether it is financially, emotionally or with regard to relationships.

So as you go through the process of divorce, whether it is an uncontested divorce or you are heading to trial, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind. We will highlight them through this post.

Healing takes time – Like the old adage, time in fact does heal all wounds. However, it is important to know that everyone has their own healing pace. So if you are not over the divorce in a month, or even a few months, don’t despair; but getting help may be necessary.

Wishing for the past doesn’t work – As much as you would like to go back in time to correct past wrongs, or to undo decisions you have already made, unfortunately this is not an option. Instead, focusing on what you can do in the present (and in the future) is better for you.

Forgiveness is key – Arguably the most important thing in being able to move on is to be able to forgive. Like healing, being ready to forgive may take time. If you are not ready to forgive the day after your divorce, that’s okay; just remember that you may not be able to move forward until you do.

If you have questions about the legal issues you face in your divorce, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.