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Is our Commander in Chief really a reason for recent divorces?

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What do you and your partner or spouse argue about? In relationships, people tend to have common disagreements. They tend to repeat habits and fight about the same things on a regular basis. This is normal, but when excessive, can lead to divorce.

What about you? Do the same fights pop up in your relationship or marriage on a routine basis? If you are like many couples in California, you might fight about financial matters such as spending, debt and the stress over making all the monthly bills. A recent study, however, suggests a new reason for couples to argue is President Donald Trump…

Researchers conducted a study evaluating the current events that may impact relationships. They, along with divorce lawyers, claim that the new U.S. political administration is changing more than the legislative and political landscapes; it is also reportedly impacting happiness within marriages.

Wakefield Research reports that 10 percent of couples are breaking up primarily due to political disagreements. It might sound silly, splitting up over politics, but politics is more than it seems. Matters the president deals with can be personal to many voters. Apparently, some men and women within marriages are taking their partner’s political ideas to heart.

Current political debate and discussions over items like health care, immigration, religious rights, and freedom of speech can mean more than pending legislation and/or fiscal funding. These timely political issues stir up disagreements due to deeply held personal beliefs

If the recent election and current debates have led to divorces, it isn’t necessarily the change in president that sparked these splits. Any kind of disagreements and stresses that play out within a marriage tend to have deeper, more personal roots. The root of most divorces is individuals’ needs to feel truly connected to someone and for their feelings to be respected.

If your marriage is lacking the connection and respect you deserve, choosing divorce could be the healthiest option for you. Talk to a divorce lawyer to find out more about the process and how it could change your life.