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What do marriage trends in U.S. have to do with China?

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Are you someone who follows the news consistently? Maybe the news stresses you out so much that you take it in in limited quantities. An economics professor from MIT has broadened the impact of otherwise political issues into the world of marriage, making it possible that the hot button matter of China could have, well, romantic implications.

The debate over sending work to China versus keeping jobs within the U.S. is a long-held one. In the recent election process, President Trump referred to China a number of times, in various instances promising to keep more jobs in the U.S. and limiting the economic gain China gets from work moving from here to there.

According to a recent study’s findings, outsourcing manufacturing jobs does more than leave fewer jobs here and helps China’s economy. Apparently, the outsourcing leaves a pool of men not only with few job prospects but with few marital prospects, too. Researchers, therefore, might have found a more personal versus economical argument to support the argument to keep more jobs in the U.S.

Those who have gone through divorce or are facing relationship struggles can probably personally understand how economic issues can leak into a relationship. Unemployment and the regular difficulty of paying the bills add a great deal of stress to a marriage. Experienced divorce lawyers can attest to the reality that money matters are a common root of divorce.

The stress, depression, anger and lack of self-esteem can also increase a person’s likelihood to act out through what the researchers identify as “risky behaviors.” These behaviors could be drug use, alcohol dependence and criminal activity. Someone who acts out in these ways is not only generally not a desirable candidate for marriage; they also become a likely candidate to be divorced if the troubles started after saying, “I do.”

If the theory of these researchers is true, then the keeping and creating more jobs in the U.S., we likely would see a rise in marriage among working class men and women.

Is your marriage in trouble because of economic pressures? You wouldn’t be alone if this were the case. Financial stress can tear apart a relationship, leaving the individuals in need of a fresh start. If your fresh start includes divorce, turn to an experienced family law attorney who will listen and do their best to advise and deliver to you the results that suit your needs.