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Big picture could provide hope after divorce

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Everyone responds to divorce differently. Some might throw a divorce party, with a theme cake included and everything. Others might try to focus on anything else, like work, health, self-improvement or the children. Others, like one man who works for Time, took his research skills to matters of his heart.

What the data journalist discovered not only brought him hopeful relief in the wake of his divorce but could perhaps bring others the same relief who are in a similar life situation. Are you relatively young and either worried about what divorce might mean for your future? According to statistics, your divorce could just be a hurdle between you and the right marriage.

The director of data journalism used his research savvy to look at his chances at finding love again. He got married at the age of 30; he was divorced 3 years later. He worried that it was the end for him and marriage. Once married and then divorced, he feared his chance at the marital relationship he wants was behind him.

His job, however, taught him the importance of looking at the bigger picture and to not get stuck on his individual experience. His sense of loss and failure didn’t reflect the reality among others like him in the U.S., including in California.

First, his research assured him that he didn’t get married at an old age. More and more men and women are getting married in their 30s. Most helpfully, his research into marriage and divorce among his demographic showed that he has about a 50 percent chance of finding love and getting remarried. Specifically, a chart he created suggests that the sweet age for remarriage in his demographic is 36.

The newly-divorced researcher found hope that his divorce is part of his past and won’t define his future in love and probable remarriage. Statistics show it could take a few years, but the man is taking the facts and applying them to his personal goal of finding the marriage he wants.