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California ‘Flippers’ will work to try to ‘flip’ their marriage

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Divorce, English, Firm News | 0 comments

Every now and then, a reality TV family comes along that captures the hearts of a large audience. For the millions of HGTV lovers, a favorite couple to watch and love has been Tarek and Christina Moussa. The duo has been buying and flipping California houses for audiences to watch. Viewers have also seen the pair had two children during the course of the show.

The major focus of the show “Flip or Flop”, however, has not been the Moussa’s marriage and family. Recent news reports about the couple have flipped that norm on its head. Now, the world is wondering whether the Moussa’s will stay together or whether they are headed for filing for divorce.

In mid-December, pop culture sources reported that there was an odd incident between the couple. Details have remained relatively private, but the main point of the news buzz is that emotions are running high within the marriage and the couple is currently living apart from each other.

Will the widely-known California couple go from separation to divorce? According to sources Tarek and Christina are to go through counseling to potentially resolve the stress that has pulled them apart. Also, they will reportedly continue filming their program during this time of marital hardship.

If the couple does decide to divorce, there are some relatively unique matters that could make the high-profile divorce more complicated. Their divorce would most likely be a high-asset situation. Not only that, but the Moussa’s clearly share a business and their professional success. Would they continue to work together? If not, would their TV show continue, and how would the income from that show be handled?

These questions, of course, are only hypothetical right now. If you are in a similar situation like Tarek or Christina, it might be wise for you to consider that a separation and even counseling could ultimately lead to divorce being the best answer for you and your spouse, and that is not a failure. It is just the reality that could make for a healthier life. It is not premature to educate yourself about the process and issues of divorce, especially if you have children and are worried about your financial future.