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Lower divorce rates, but not for every demographic

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Divorce, English, Firm News | 0 comments

Recent statistics seem to indicate that the number of people ending their marriages is lower, but that is not the case for every demographic. While the overall divorce rate is lower, there are certain demographics that continue to see an increasing divorce rate. As California readers know, there are various economic and cultural factors that influence the marriage and divorce rate. 

Statistics indicate that people are not getting married as early as they used to, which may contribute toward a lower divorce rate. Couples comprised of two individuals with college degrees and steady jobs are less likely to divorce, and younger generations are more prone to wait to marry. Experts believe that this generation is also much more selective in choosing a mate than their parents or grandparents.

The number of gray divorces remains high, which could be related to an increased life expectancy. People are no longer content to remain in an unhappy marriage, even if they are near retirement. A middle-age or gray divorce can bring a host of financial complications, and it is smart to work with a lawyer even before filing papers to initiate this process.

The divorce rate will fluctuate over the years, but the need for experienced family law counsel remains imperative for individuals who have concerns about the divorce process and their personal rights. It can be beneficial to seek a case evaluation with a legal professional, if only to gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to seek a beneficial outcome to your concerns. No matter what age a California reader may be, he or she can lay the foundation for a strong future with the appropriate assistance.

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