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More struggles for Charlie Sheen: requesting support modification

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Stories about celebrities are no longer confined to grocery store tabloids. Every time we browse the internet or open up Facebook, we can be inundated with stories about stars who, it is often noted, are just like us. For better or worse, this can be particularly evident when it comes to the difficult situations involving family and legal troubles.

One of the most recent stories about a celebrity facing the same challenges parents all across California face involves actor Charlie Sheen. Over the years, Sheen has become a news item regarding his personal life. However, his recent request seeking child support modification reflects the fact that, like any of us, his ability to provide financial support can be seriously affected by job loss and health problems.

Readers may be aware that Sheen recently announced that he is HIV-positive. Besides the undeniable emotional toll of such a devastating illness, it has also taken a financial toll to the tune of about $25,000 per month. Sheen is covering these expenses himself, as they are not covered by insurance.

On top of his health problems, Sheen’s acting career has taken a hit in recent years. Instead of pulling in more than $600,000 per month, Sheen reportedly earns just over $87,000 a month currently.

These two factors have made it inappropriate to continue paying $55,000 per month to two of his ex-wives for child support, according to his separate requests to have both of his child support obligations reduced.

Sheen’s unfortunate situation is not that dissimilar from that of many other parents who have suffered job loss, health problems and other challenges that dramatically affect their financial standing. His decision to seek a modification in court is one that any parent who is struggling to pay child support after a significant life change would want to consider.

Whether a person is famous and rich or not, his or her rights and obligations as a parent are no different from those of any other parent. This is why it can be crucial for any parent with questions or concerns about child support to consult an attorney and discuss their legal options.

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