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Divorce: Round 2 for billionaire businessman

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Every divorce has the potential to be complicated. Between the emotional turmoil you can be struggling with and the logistical challenges of unraveling years of marital assets and responsibilities, there are countless obstacles that can arise.

For some people, this process only highlights the reasons why spouses are splitting; in other cases, the process has the opposite effect. However, many people find that filing for divorce leaves them somewhere in the middle of hating each other and reconciling. Considering how overwhelming and frustrating these feelings can be, it is not unusual for some people to have second thoughts.

For instance, billionaire business magnate Elon Musk and his wife Talulah Riley have gone back and forth between divorce and being married for years. The pair has been married, divorced, re-married and is now going through their second divorce.

This is actually the couple’s second attempt to end their second marriage to each other. Back in 2014, Musk filed for divorce but ultimately withdrew his petition.

According to reports, Riley filed for the most recent divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The two have been living apart for six months, yet they have reportedly remained amicable.

However, considering how much money is at stake in this divorce, there is a potential for the financial details of a settlement to put some strain on the process. The couple has no prenuptial agreement and Riley is seeking spousal support. On the other hand, if the two are as amicable as they seem, Musk may have no desire to fight against a fair settlement and Riley may have no reason to challenge one. With billions of dollars and a divorce free of contention, it is possible that everyone can get what they want without a lengthy battle.

While they have the finances to pay for a long drawn divorce process and they appear to have an amicable relationship, they hopefully they will consider collaborative law or divorce mediation as process choices that will reduce the conflict and to help them resolve the issues in a more respectful manner. Too often, the litigation system escalates and destroys any possibility of a positive future relationship.

You can’t always predict what happens in a divorce, so it is important to be prepared for anything. Having an attorney or collaborative lawyer by your side who understands the law and has helped people go through this process before can prove to be a wise and beneficial decision.

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