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Once a divorce starts, can it be stopped?

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Many people make the mistake of thinking merely filing for divorce will immediately end their marriage. Some people believe that that once a person files for divorce, there is no going back or reconciling. While this type of thinking may help people move forward with divorce, it is not actually accurate.

California has a mandatory six moth waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. While you can file your petition for divorce at any time, you will have to wait (at minimum) six months before receiving a judgement of divorce. Many people are surprised by the mandatory waiting period but even more shocking might be the potential for reconciliation during this six month “cooling off” period.

While most couples do not reconcile after filing for divorce, that doesn’t mean it never happens.

For example, the actor, Patrick Dempsey, and his wife recently decided to put their divorce on hold after reportedly reconciling. Around this time last year, Dempsey’s wife filed for divorce but that apparently didn’t stop the couple from working on their marriage. According to media outlets, neither Dempsey nor his wife are dating anyone else and they have resumed making public appearances together.

Whether these reports prove to be true or not, the fact is that reconciliation during divorce is certainly possible. Divorcing spouses may find that a little separation and time gives them the opportunity to reassess themselves and their relationship. In some cases, people decide that their marriage is worth saving.

Divorce is an emotional event and we can’t always predict how we will react or feel about someone, particularly when the relationship is in trouble. While you and your spouse may no longer get along or even like each other, things can change over time. If you are in this situation, you may be relieved to know that just because you have filed for divorce doesn’t mean that you can’t still reconcile with your spouse.

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