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March 2016 Archives

There is a high price to pay for hiding assets

When two people are at the point where they want to end their marriage it is usually because there is not a lot of love left between them. The love lost can make just about every interaction painful, stressful and frustrating. To make matters worse separating spouses may not trust each other and the added suspicion makes everything that much more combative.

Which factors can affect the award of spousal support?

Too many people make some assumptions about the divorce process that are ultimately proven to be false. By that point, unfortunately, there may be nothing you can do to correct the mistaken belief or adjust your situation to put yourself in a more appropriate position.

Once a divorce starts, can it be stopped?

Many people make the mistake of thinking merely filing for divorce will immediately end their marriage. Some people believe that that once a person files for divorce, there is no going back or reconciling. While this type of thinking may help people move forward with divorce, it is not actually accurate.

Preparing for a Child Support Modification

Over time, people and situations can change dramatically. Think of where you were in your life a few years ago. Now think about five years ago and 15 years ago. Chances are you are in a very different place today than you were at any of those points. Divorce, marriage, health problems, job changes and moves are just a few things that California families regularly go through.

How a divorce will affect your plans for retirement

During a divorce, people often focus on what will happen to them in the near future. They think about where they will live after the divorce, how much money they will have to live on and where their kids will be spending the weekends.

What you should know about divorce and mediation

After deciding to end a marriage, the process to reach an actual dissolution of marriage can seem daunting and emotionally taxing. Consequently, many people have been seeking alternative methods to end their marriages. While not appropriate in every case, these alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) can provide a welcome option to divorcing spouses.

Unmarried couples: Are your rights to your home protected?

It is no longer unusual for a couple to choose not to get married. For any number of reasons, more people than ever are choosing to stay committed without tying the knot. While this may certainly be in the best interests of the people involved, there are some drawbacks with staying unmarried.

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