Divorce With Respect

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Parents and ex-spouses all across California are bound by the terms of parenting plans and orders for financial support. When these are in place it is crucial that people comply with them or they face the risk of serious penalties.

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However, it is true that circumstances change over time making current orders no longer fitting. Rather than deciding to simply stop paying support or informally changing custody and visitation plans, you should discuss the possibility of having these arrangements legally modified with your attorney.

Generally speaking, modifications are granted only when they reflect significant changes and are in the best interests of those involved.

If you are seeking a modification to child or spousal support, for example, it must be shown that one parent’s financial situation has changed. Grounds for modification can include loss of or substantial increase in income or the changing needs of a child.

If you are seeking a modification to your custody or visitation plan, a modification may be granted if one parent moves closer to a child or is no longer able to care for a child.

Post-divorce modifications can be much more complex than people realize and it is necessary to ensure that proposed modifications are appropriate and enforceable. Further, every situation is different, and what might seem like appropriate grounds for modification to you may not be seen as such by the court.

The attorneys at Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP understand the frustration and stress you may be feeling when it comes to seeking a modification of support or custody, and we know that the legal system can be intimidating and confusing. However, you do not have to deal with these issues alone. We can discuss your case with you and help you pursue or challenge proposed modifications. For more information on how we approach this situation, please visit our website.