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September 2015 Archives

Unmarried with children? What you may need to consider

Having a child before getting married used to be something that was generally stigmatized and even hidden. In previous generations, if this happened, a couple would often quickly plan a wedding and get married. While that does still happen, many parents choose not to get married just because they have a child together.

Can I expect alimony in my divorce?

Getting divorced can be an enormously difficult transitional period in any person's life. Going from being a couple to feeling like you are on your own can be overwhelming and you are likely going to go through periods of being scared and feeling insecure. This can be especially true when it comes to your financial stability.

Child custody 101: know the basics

We discuss several complicated situations involving child custody and visitation on this blog, from international custody disputes to violations of parental rights. There is no doubt that every child custody case has the potential to be complex and problematic.

Financial decisions that can help you adjust to life post-divorce

There is no doubt that getting divorced can affect your financial stability. This is true whether you (or your ex) did not work or if you and your ex both were employed. When you get divorced, the money and assets that supported one single household must be split between two people which can cause some anxiety and fear about your financial future.

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