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August is Child Support Awareness Month

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There are more than a million children in California who are supported by the financial contributions of non-custodial parents. In fact, there are 8,000 of these children in Yolo County alone. The importance of these payments cannot be overstated, especially considering the sheer number of families in this state that depend on them.

While child support can impact parents every single month, the month of August in particular may be a good time for every parent to take a moment and reflect on their current child support situation, as this month is Child Support Awareness Month in California.

Whether you pay or receive child support, it can be very easy to get bogged down by the drama or contention of this financial obligation. However, this month can serve as the perfect time to try and shift your focus onto the positive aspects of child support. There have been numerous studies conducted in recent years that suggest children benefit from situations in which both parents contribute to their well-being. This can certainly be reflected in financial contributions.

With this in mind, we hope readers appreciate the fact that child support payments are about more than just money. They represent a parent’s involvement in a child’s life, even if it is not also physical or emotional.

Instead of thinking of child support as a punishment or thorn in your side, you may want to take some time this month to try and appreciate how it benefits the children. Paying and receiving child support does not have to be a constant battle between parents as long as each parent understands and appreciates the fact that the money is intended to support the child above all else.

For parents who are at odds with each other regarding child support or are stuck at a point where they don’t know what to do about enforcing an order for support, the month of August may be the perfect time to speak with an attorney and take the steps necessary to resolve any issues for your sake and the sake of your kids.

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