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Don’t let financial concerns jeopardize your divorce

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Money is a powerful motivator that drives many of our decisions, such as whether to take a certain job, to buy a certain car or to give up certain luxuries. For this reason, it is not surprising that many people across California make decisions based on what they think will save them the most money.

However, there are some decisions that should not be made solely on the basis of the immediate cost. For example, people may try to navigate the divorce process alone in order to save some money; however, doing so can lead to some unexpected obstacles and expenses in the future

Unfortunately, getting divorced is not as simple as signing the correct paperwork and going your separate ways. Important decisions must be made about property division, child custody and support arrangements, which can make divorce very complicated. Rather than risk making an expensive mistake such as losing out on critical support or forfeiting an important asset in your divorce, you should take advantage of the various ways to reduce the cost of divorce without sacrificing your right to have legal support.

For example, if you and your spouse have no children and limited assets, you may not need extensive legal representation. However, even in such a case, having an attorney to guide you through the legal process is invaluable. For this reason, our firm offers legal representation which specifically serves such concise needs.

Our firm also focuses on clients who want to avoid costly litigation. We offer collaborative divorce services, which can prove to be much faster and much less expensive than a traditional “courtroom” divorce. Similarly, our office provides critical support for people who are pursuing mediation as a way to resolve conflicts.

These options can help you minimize the cost of resolving family legal issues while ensuring that you have an attorney present to protect your interests and rights. We strive to make sure that our firm is well-suited to meet the legal and financial needs of clients. We help you to identify solutions that will help you get through this difficult time in your life and move forward to a better, happier place.

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