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Making the decision to divorce

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Married couples may vow to love each other in “sickness and in health” but what about during other stressful times? Regardless of which marriage vows you recited at your wedding, the reality is that many life events forever alter a marriage. In some cases this alteration is manageable and two people can adjust and move forward together, maybe even grow closer. In other situations, however, it ultimately drives two people apart.

Dealing with losses such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a job is particularly difficult. This type of change evokes emotions of depression, regret, or despair in most. It is a challenge for anyone in this situation to cope individually and for some, keeping a marriage alive during a bereaved period proves impossible.

Certain positive life-altering events can also be too much for a marriage to bear. The birth of a baby to first-time-parents always comes with unexpected stressors, no matter how much planning the parents did. This stress, coupled with a drastic lifestyle change, can cause unexpected tension in a marriage that may never disappear. Even financial success can cause stress to a relationship. According to financial author, Dave Ramsey, the divorce rate of lottery winners is 4 times that of the national average.

Making the decision to divorce is almost never easy; when it is in the wake of another serious life change, it may seem too daunting to handle. Couples that decide to divorce after a life-altering event are often too consumed with grief, stress, or shock to think about how a divorce will affect their future. It is far too common for someone to be so drained from a stressful experience that they do not put any effort into protecting themselves during a divorce. This response, although reasonable at the time, is often regretted once the couple recovers from the emotional effects of the event.

It is especially important to have the support of an attorney for those that are going through a divorce after, or during, a stressful event. An attorney will assist you in making informed, rational decisions during a time when you may be too emotionally distracted to make the best decision for yourself.

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