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Woman seeking $1 million per month in child support

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Parents who divorce can go through a very difficult period of adjustment when it comes to raising their kids. In addition to the challenges of figuring out living situations, many people will run into money problems when the income that supported one household cannot support two. Sadly, this financial setback can make it very difficult for a child to continue to have his or her needs met.

California family laws recognize this financial obstacle and that is why there are laws to establish child support. These payments ensure that each parent continues to contribute to the well-being of their child. Child support is a crucial aspect of a divorce, but it is one that can be quite contentious.

Parents who receive child support often argue that they should be receiving more money, while parents who are required to pay support often feel like they are being forced to contribute too much or that their payments are not actually benefitting the child. These all seem to be the case in the divorce of billionaire Kenneth Griffin and his wife.

According to reports, Anne Dias Griffin is seeking nearly $1 million per month in child support. She states that this is the amount of money the wealthy couple spent on child-related expenses while they were still married and she thinks that it should continue to be the monthly budget in order to replicate their pre-divorce lifestyle.

However, Griffin is calling the request absurd, noting that his ex, who is also independently wealthy, listed items such as stationery, private jet expenses and vacation accommodations in her monthly budget. He says that his ex’s argument that these and other items are for the benefit of the children is a lie and her request for $1 million a month is simply an attempt to get more money for herself.

Of course most people are not required to pay anything even close to $1 million for monthly child support, but this case should serve as a reminder of how contentious child support cases can get. Parents are fighting to protect their children, but there is also motivation to protect themselves and their finances. Having legal representation during child support disputes can help parents fight for an appropriate amount and pursue a fair resolution.

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