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February 2015 Archives

Woman seeking $1 million per month in child support

Parents who divorce can go through a very difficult period of adjustment when it comes to raising their kids. In addition to the challenges of figuring out living situations, many people will run into money problems when the income that supported one household cannot support two. Sadly, this financial setback can make it very difficult for a child to continue to have his or her needs met.

Could keeping money separate keep a couple together?

Getting married can result in a number of immediate changes: You might take a different name or you may move into a new home with your spouse. Many couples also choose to immediately combine finances and take the phrase "What's mine is yours," quite literally.

Domestic abuse and the impact it has on couples, families, kids

There are many family law issues that are painful, emotionally challenging and frustrating experiences, from divorce to child custody to dividing up property. Sadly, these issues can be significantly more upsetting when they also involve claims of domestic abuse or violence.

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