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Why a cookie-cutter divorce may not be right for you

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Divorce, English, Firm News | 0 comments

There are more opportunities than ever when it comes to finding faster, more efficient solutions. In a time of Google, smartphones, and even park-assist on cars, it can be easy to assume that faster and automated solutions are better.

However, computerized answers may not always be the best way to go when it comes to resolving personal, unique, and complicated issues. Consider, for example, divorce in California. In recent years, there have been online solutions made available that allow users to pursue a do-it-yourself divorce. However, these automated methods may not be right for everyone. In fact, many people find that working directly with a person to navigate the family court system has considerable benefits that cannot be replaced or replicated by a program.

DIY divorces can be very attractive to couples who have few shared assets and no children, and who are prepared to dissolve a marriage with little or no contention. These divorces can cost less and take less time to finalize.

However, many, if not most, divorces are not as simple. They are complicated by custody concerns, requests for support, property valuation disputes, court hearings, and negotiations. Since every marriage is different and every spouse has unique interests, a solution that works in one divorce may not work for another.

In most cases two people need something between minimal to extensive support during the divorce process. They may not need to go through several bitter court hearings to challenge business valuations, but they will likely need at a minimum to be sure they are receiving or paying adequate child and spousal support, have tied up any loose ends, and are not overlooking any important considerations.

The attorneys at Bartholomew & Wasznicky appreciate the fact that every person has different needs and financial concerns that must be considered in divorce. This is why we are prepared to provide as many or as few services as is appropriate for each individual situation, from partial legal representation to collaborative divorce to litigation.

Personal support and individualized attention are not inefficient or outdated solutions; they are benefits that can help people through a very difficult time. For more information on the range of solutions and services available at our law firm, please take a look at the information on our website.